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Making dealerships reach the ProMark level of F&I success and stay in legal compliance takes interest, trust, insight, manpower, and natural leaders. We are always looking to build out our team with finance pros who see consulting services a little differently, and who manage to build lifetime partnerships between themselves and their dealer clients. Take that next step in your career from the rigors of retail to the power of partnerships found in dealership consulting, and apply with ProMark F&I Services.

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ProMark will provide you with an extensive study of your F&I operations and include our top 3 recommendations to improve your bottom line FREE of charge - Study includes up to one full day of in-dealership information gathering and interviews. - Study includes an examination of your current reinsurance portfolio to report on its effectiveness and provide risk management recommendations.


If we don’t improve your PVR by at least $200 in the 1st 120 days, should you desire, we will help you move your business to another provider and terminate our relationship with us no questions asked.


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